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Monday, 29 May 2017

Fly with Byrd's

Activities Monday, 26 March 2012 17:30
Arkansas taildragging at Byrd's Adventure Center Arkansas taildragging at Byrd's Adventure Center

Byrd's Airport ID: 51AR

Latitude 35 40' 37" N
Longitude 93 43' 59" W            

Byrd's Riverfront Restaurant is open Fridays and Saturdays from 8am to 9pm and Sundays from 8am to 6pm. We look forward to serving you this weekend!

See below for important information...

Scot flies his Carbon Cub to Byrd's on-site store for groceries and camping supplies

Dale and Perry visit Byrd's Adventure Center with a Cessna and Supercub

Sectional view of Byrd's Adventure Center near 7M5 and H35 in Arkansas

Byrd's runway looking east

As seen in

Powered Sport Flying Magazine

Byrd's Adventure Center Grass Strip Details and Flying Tips

Fly at your own risk. In accordance with the Arkansas Recreational Use Statute, no fees are associated with the use of this airstrip. Insurance is not provided by the landowner. Landowner is not responsible for accidents.

Fly light. Do not overload your aircraft. Extra power will be necessary to clear terrain. For example, a Cessna 172 or Cherokee 140 (or similar aircraft) will likely be underpowered with more than 2 people aboard.

Fly smart. The FAA recommends landing to the west and departing to the east (conditions permitting). Watch for other aircraft in the vicinity. Be advised that gusty conditions, especially from the northwest, north, or northeast, can create strong turbulence along the runway. Mountain flying experience is recommended. For accurate wind expectations, check conditions at surrounding airports including Siloam Springs and Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Latitude 35 40' 37" N
Longitude 93 43' 59" W
Elevation: 800 MSL
Orientation 07/25
Turf Surface (uneven in places)
1,900' Long + a 600' rough-cut extension (2,500' total)
1,000' Unobstructed approach on east side
Trees on west side
300' Unobstructed Width
Unicom 122.8
No Tie-Down Fees
No Fuel. Fuel available nearby at Ozark (7M5) and Clarksville (H35) municipal airports
For additional information contact us at: 479-667-4066 or 479-667-4199



All pilots and aircraft welcome. Located on the wild and scenic Mulberry River in Arkansas, Byrd's Adventure Center features two grass runways on 800 private acres surrounded by the Ozark National Forest. Our primary 1900' airstrip is suitable for many single-engine airplanes, while our secondary 1000' strip is open to ultralight aircraft such as powered parachutes and trikes. Pilots are encouraged to monitor channel 122.8.

Restaurant dining is available from March-December at our new Riverfront Restaurant (open weekly Friday-Sunday). Bring gear for non-flying activities along the Mulberry River including fishing, canoeing, trail hikes, and campfire cookouts. Snacks, drinks, ice and handmade sandwiches are available year-round at Byrd's on-site store. Aviation fuel is available at the Ozark (7M5) and Clarksville (H35) municipal airports. Ethanol-free fuel for Light Sport Aircraft is available locally at Turner Bend and the Oark General Store. A courtesy vehicle can be arranged. Call us at 479-667-4066 or 479-667-4199.

Loni and Mike with their Cessna 172 at Byrd's

Flying at Byrd's Adventure Center is free! RV camping with hookups is $10 per person per night. Primitive camping is $7 per person per night with access to our large heated shower house. Cabins are available on site (call 479-667-4066 for reservations). In addition to wingtip camping and fishing, Byrd's hosts fly-ins every spring and fall. Please check our calendar for upcoming fly-ins and events.


Fly in and eat at the new Riverfront Restaurant at Byrd's Adventure Center near Ozark, Arkansas

More photos and information below...

Photo by Rusty Coonfield

Super Cubs and Carbon Cubs parked at Byrd's Adventure Center

The Mitchell Family with their Cessna 175 at Byrd's

Bear on the runway at Byrd's Adventure Center in the Ozark National Forest

Bear on the runway at Byrd's Adventure Center in Arkansas. Photo by Robert Walker.

Byrd's Adventure Center on the Mulberry River in Arkansas. Photo by Robert Walker.

Patrick lands a Husky bush plane on the short runway at Byrd's Adventure Center in Arkansas

Camping with a Stinson at Byrd's in the Arkansas Ozarks

Flying along the Mulberry River at Byrd's Adventure Center

Dennis enjoys his Aeroprakt tail-dragger at the Spring Fly-in

Bush flying at Byrd's Adventure Center with a Cessna 172

Robert Walker explores Battleship Rock with his Pegasus Powered Parachute at Byrd's

Craig and his gyro at Byrd's annual Fall Fly-in in Arkansas

Camping with an Aviat Husky taildragger at Byrd's Adventure Center near Ozark, AR

Robert Walker explores the Mulberry River in his Pegasus PPC during Byrd's Autumn Fly-in

Byrd's Adventure Center

7037 Cass Oark Road

Ozark, Arkansas 72949

(479) 667-4066

Open year round

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Message From the Staff

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Thanks for making Byrd's Adventure Center the leading ATV park in Arkansas and one of the top canoe, kayak, and raft rental services on the wild and scenic Mulberry River. Since 1982, Byrd's Adventure Center has been the original off road and ATV park in Arkansas. In addition to hundreds of miles of ORV and ATV trails in the surrounding Ozark National Forest, Byrd's Adventure Center offers 800-acres of the ultimate trails, mud pits, and obstacles for your ATV, UTV (side by side), motorcycle, and stock or modified 4x4. With concerts beginning in the 1980s, Byrd's was the original music venue in the Mulberry River Valley. In 1995 Byrd's staff obtained the first permit to teach rock climbing in the Ozark National Forest. Byrd's Adventure Center was the first RV Campground and one of the first to offer lodging and cabin rentals along the wild and scenic Mulberry River. Arkansas' first adventure race, the Ozark Challenge, originated at Byrd's in 1998. The first hang gliding aerotow clinic in Arkansas took place at Byrd's in 2004. In 2010 Byrd's Adventure Center was base camp for the first Outward Bound courses in Arkansas.

Thanks to everyone who helped us grow at Byrd's Adventure Center! We look forward to serving you.  –the Byrd's staff